My True Thoughts









Why did one seed, amongst so many

Choose to take root and not just any 


Why does the wheel of fate

Open its revolving gate

That’s eternally in time, never

Early or late

 In making choices, it chooses to take

 Without a moment pause, or

Breathtaking break


 Why are we in the present

And not the future or past

Yet part of the mould and cast

Why can’t time for mortals

 Resurrect, revive or last


Why do the sun, moon and stars

 Engage and ignite?

 Illuminating day and night

With its vast vital eternal 

Light and might Why were we blessed with sand,sea

 And changing skies,

Mountains, rivers and streams

Flowers, birds and trees,

 Upon a world, we hate and fear 

To leave


Why do we seek infinite darkness and gloom

Beyond our Moon?

Instead of heeding the dangers

That imminently loom


 Within earths sphere and outer myriad galaxies

 Spiralling past, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars

And other countless rotating, floating stars

exploding, imploding and mutating

As they go, in their blazing blistering flow


Why did one small seed

 Sown in the bed of creation

Give birth to life and evolution

In varied, vibrant variation


 ® All rights and copyrights reserved by Helen Constantine 2009



Caravaggio - Doubting Thomas - 1603


Poem Written


Helen Constantine

Atheists await, neither heaven nor hell

Deeming life here, is the start and ultimate end

To all well know, with no hereafter to go

On bequeathing the seeds, we’ll ultimately sow

In natures bed to wilt or grow


Believers transcend all doubt and fear

By holding fast, to visions here:

Of an utopia beyond this mortal sphere

Where heavenly bliss, reigns everywhere

So where is nirvana the cynics cry

Whats the truth, or relating leading lie

Or the right, so strong, none can deny

We live, just to die

But why


If theres a renaissance

Outside the realms of life and death

Will doubters look back, in woeful regret?

At a demise beyond recourse

Or be redeemed by, a holy godly force


We cannot but seek, lucid answers

To questions we earnestly ask

In pursue of knowledge that seriously surpass

Mere mortals grasp

That often proves, an impossible task

Yet few, can hardly deny

An innate passionate desire, for true salvation

Or an awakening to a glorious resurrection

That exceeds all credible comprehension


Now at the closing of the day

Humbly Ill constantly stay

True to a faith, that exceeds

Reason and science

By placing my total reliance,

On a promised myth,

No heedful heart, can wilfully omit

to which, I soundly submit


Ó all rights reserved by Helen Constantine January 2010