My True Thoughts

Where Are The Dreams





Helen Constantine


In carefree childlike gait

We sauntered merrily through

 Life’s open gate

Not stopping to neither listen nor wait

And often too early or much too late 


In florid dreams, we scaled such giddy heights

On wings of whimsical, wistful, farcical flights


We laughed and talked for hours each day

How did we find, so many silly things

 To do and say


As youth slid, stealthily away

We drifted worlds apart

You with your dreams, me with my art 

Then, in the autumn of our fading years

We found the time, we couldn’t spare

To briefly share


We laughed and talked the hours away

About the many silly useless things

 We did and say

But as the hours ticked, stealthily away

You sombrely dithered, to jokingly say


Where are those dreams of yesterday

 I dreamt, were mine

Where is the happiness I thought

 I’d somehow find

When did I turn, to look and say

How did I leave so much of life

So far, along the way


Where are the loves I should have known

The one, I’d wish to call my own

If I could live my life again

I’d live each dream, right to the end 

Where are the dreams

Those childish childhood



 copyright rights reserved by H.Constante.