My True Thoughts



                               THE UNDISCLOSED




Veiled deep, in many thoughts and hearts

Lie hopeful dreams, burning flames

 Waning schemes and fading sparks

To be the things, that others are

Or rise above those glittering aims

Of glowing, growing goals and stars

That often prove, a tad too far!


                            Seek not, the wood amongst the trees

0r the trees amidst the wood

Nor listen for answers, from the quivering,

Whispering leaves, that murmurs

And meanders through, the sinuous breeze


Just grasp the best, within sight and reach

And embrace all there is, to justly seize

As freedom like choices is

 Frailly fragile, and frugally free


So in spite of all, that come and goes

 The hands of time, move steadily on

 Long after we too, have past and gone


We’re here today to share

In an eternal flow

To sense, strive and timely grow


Languish not, in wistful painful grief

 Reliving sorrows which seem beyond belief

 In time we’ll find, peace of mind and lasting relief

That heals the wounds of pain and grief


Embrace this life for all its worth

Be one, with the sky, sea and earth

As the sun and moon give light, life and birth

To each new dawn, where shadows lurk


©By Helen Constantine all rights reserved 

I have walked by Helen Constantine

 I Have Walked



Helen Constantine 


I’ve walked with angels and battled with the devil

Transcend the highest summit and shunned

The lowest level


I’ve strove for basic aptness

Finding nether peace, nor rest

In my ardent need and avid quest


For wise and worldly wisdom

From those who proudly profess

To know, some what better

Yet often less, at their very best!


Nonetheless, I’ve trudged along

Life’s highway and byways

Only to find, at the end of the way

That meaning and momentum

Fades fast, into another

Dare I say, futile day


Now in cautious dispensation

I no longer seek,

Gratuitous accumulated information

Of records sought here and there

Amassing doubt and fear


Instead I turn, to the inner core

As I meander happily home

Where I strive, to simplify

The seven colours of the rainbow

Betwixt and between pots of gold

That’s neither here nor there


Still, I walk with angels and battle

With the devil

Transcend the highest summit and shun

The lowest level

Believing this too, shall pass


Copyright secured by Helen Constantine 12 Dec 2009