My True Thoughts


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On the wings of dreams I take off in flight
 To distant realms, night after night
Treading vague forbidden places
Where dwell, many without
True form or faces

Then mercifully, in time, I’m lead
To the safety of my bed
By the angels Osho and Eeno

Who tell of dark forces and sources
We must destroy, defeat not dread
Then in turn, each warmly, warily said

The endless procession of life
Moves stealthily, steadily on
Yet, I am eternally here
There and everywhere
After each pilgrim has passed
Further along and far beyond

I am the enigma of heaven and earth
Present at each precious death and birth
To wash away the slime of life and death
Giving and taking away each breath
Entering and leaving each outlets
And inlet of life, heaven and death

I am the moon and stars that glow
Throughout the deepest darkest night
I am truth, hope and eternal light

I’m the cross, thorn, rose and chalice
Void of anger, hate and malice
I hold the universe in the palm of my hand
At will, I can demolish and devour
Sky, sea and land

Still, I leave man’s will and fate to man
For I am weak as I am strong
The lion and the lamb
I am all I am one

© Copyright reserved by Helen Constantine 2009








The Power of Life

The Power of Life



Helen Constantine

The power of thought,
In its creative capacity
Is often fraught with complexity
Diversity and oddity
Merged with perplexity
Yet wondrous in its Entirety

The power of will and belief,
Creates strength, peace and relief
When faced with sorrow
Pain, adversity and grief

The power of life's dynamic vital forces
Enfolds vast and powerful resources
In union with creations precise precision
Rotating in infinite timely evolution

Still we ravage nature’s precious gifts
By creating an irretrievable abyss
Where heinous greed,
Will progressively proceed
To effects beyond belief
Unless we deem the ominous need
We have yet, to truly heed

Copyright reserved by H. Constantine 6 Jan 2010