My True Thoughts

So Far My Love





 You’ve walked

So far along the way with me

My love

And I thank you, truly thank you

You’ve lent

The strength I had so little of

 My love

And you gave it, freely gave it 

My love

 You’ve given life, to death

 Such heights, such depth

To love my love 

My love

There were moments when I’d look

 At you

 Finding each time, something

Perfectly new 

My love

 How often have I wondered?

What in this world, would I do

Without your strength, to see me through,

So far

 So far my love, so far my love

So far, my dearest love

 ©® Helen Constantine 2008/2009  


So Many, How Many



Helen Constantine


                                           So many words that’s left unsaid

So many thoughts, running through

My aching, breaking heart

And head


So many roads, we could have walked

How many times, I’ve wished

We’d found, some times, more time

To simply talk


How many times, I‘ve felt you near

Only to find, you’re never there


How many times, I’ve heard your voice

Then turned my head

To find again, I’m mislead


How many dreams I’ve had of you

Believe me love, I tell you true

They’re far from few


 I see your face, in all I do

In the setting sun and morning dew

That falls upon, each flower

 You lovingly grew


No matter how many things

 I didn’t say or do

You’ll ever be, a part of me

And me of you


 knowing in time, I’ll find 

True peace of mind and come to say


                                          Although fate took you too soon way

                                                 It takes time, some times 

                                                     An awful long time

                                                 However hard we pray

                                                       Or earnestly try

                                           To find the dawn within the day


So don’t ever be, too far away

Be it night, or be it day

Stay close and you'll ever hear me say

I miss you, truly miss you

In so many, too many ways


Sole Copyright reserved by Helen Constantine

February 2010