My True Thoughts

Rise, Lazarus Rise!


Rise, Lazarus Rise!


Helen Constantine


No evil or good goes unrewarded

All thoughts, all actions, are well recorded

Rise Lazarus rise 


Truth and deception have their veneer and guise

Fate has its way, of unmasking the stigma in lies.

  Rise Lazarus rise

Be true to your God, then to your honour

For at the closing of the hour

They’ll be neither judge nor jury

 To everlasting peace, or eternal fury

Rise Lazarus rise 


 Life has no plan nor will to break

The winding path or choices we choose to take.

 Rise Lazarus rise


We come and go to feast or famine

In lands of plenty, or barren fields dark and empty

Rise Lazarus rise 


The need of one, is the need of all

It matters not, in which domain

 providence endorses the fated fall.

 Rise Lazarus rise

Each moment in life, breathes forth, another breath

Still sleep conceals that haunting link with death

 Rise Lazarus rise


Time is the essence of all creation

It is the birth and death of life and nation

Rise Lazarus rise 


Turn not in sorrow to yesterday

But clasp each tomorrow in every today.

Rise Lazarus rise 


To hear when you listen is a virtue supreme

Just look for the light and pursue the dream.

 Rise Lazarus rise


 Rise as the Phoenix from ash and dust

Shed all the flames of pride, prejudice, greed and lust

Rise Lazarus rise.