My True Thoughts








Mama, how I wish, I had said.

                                 Mama, the words I hid instead


Mama, I’m sure you understood

Much more

Than I thought you often could.


Mama, it’s too soon to say goodbye

Mama, my heart and I still cry


Thank you mama, for all the love you gave

Mama, so tiny yet so brave

No one, can ever take your place


Mama, through those hard weary years

Mama, you hid your tears and fears

And now mama, your light still guide my way


Mama, no words can ever say

 Just how, you’re missed from day to day.


Mama how I wish I has said

Mama the words I hid instead



© Copyright 1992 & 2008 



Poem Written
Helen Constantine

How wondrous was my dream, last night
When from fragrant clouds, came into sight
A heavenly form shrouded in, luminous light
That shone, beguilingly bright

It looked at me, in curious caring delight
As it calmly strode close to my side
My heart stood still, in fervent fright

In transfixed joy, I struggled to speak
But only feverish thoughts came
Flooding through, my flustered sleep

For whilst I could see, feel, hear and smell
But could not move or try to tell
Of the joy and fear in my illusory spell
Wondering, had I risen to heaven
Or descended in, some enchanted hell

Then from an open hand flew
The bluest butterfly
That perched upon, a ray on high
In what it seemed a starlit sky?

In gentle mystic tones it sang
A thrilling, telling tail in song
Stirring my heart, as it murmur on

I’ve lived each moment of my time intended
And left not one task undone or unattended
My span summed; two, three days no more
On flying in and out, this planets door

So think of me as you pick your path
Along life’s dubious way
Remembering, there’s always a tomorrow
When you truly live your every day
We’re part of time and space
Yet singular as a race

Awake, dawn is due and breaking through

For me and you


© Copyright secured by Helen Constantine