My True Thoughts







Silently the nights grow longer

Secretly the days get shorter

Winter’s here

Autumn winds blew out the summer

 Trembling leaves of brown and yellow

Fall, far and near 


All the seasons of our time

Will come and go

Returning in their endless flow

Reliving countless hopeful dreams

That rode the surging waves and winding streams


Silently the nights grow shorter

Secretly the days get longer

Spring appears


Blossoms bloom, in all their splendour

Golden rays’ glows gently tender

As life leaps forth in sweet surrender

Summer’s here


 © Helen Constantine 13 November 2008


Dark Days


Helen Constantine

In these dark days and troubled times

Let our faith contain and sustain

The strain and constant drain

Of sorrows pain

Let these dark and troubled times

Pass o’er land and sea

Let them fly far from

You and me

Let them melt into dawns early light

Then again, the fading shades of night

Sinking slowly, out of sight

Let them pass

Let these dark days pass, let them flow

With the sombre drifting rain

Breeze, sleet and snow

Breaching trees and branches

As they callously go

To some obscure abyss

Where life and love is strictly amiss

Thus, does not exist

Let heavens luminous rays

That rises in the east and sinks in the west

Help us find, true peace and perfect rest

As you lay your weary head

Upon my aching chest

Beside the calming water’s edge

Where our hearts once met, and made

A sacred pledge

To let these dark troubled days

That cannot justly last, timely pass

Let it pass