My True Thoughts






Helen Constantine was born in Jamaica of Scottish and Portuguese origin. Her colourful and rich family history goes back to the period of the Inquisition 

Helen Constantine studied vocal technique in Naples (Italy) and Paris (France). During her stay in Paris, she studied theology and philosophy. 

Helen Constantine began her vocal training as a contralto in Italy before being advised by several technical teachers in Paris to retrain as a soprano.

Helen Constantine made her debut in Paris before returning to London where she had her first recital at the South Bank. This was followed by a number of concerts at Leighton House and other venues in London.

Helen Constantine has performed and organised a number of charity concerts and events in London.

Earlier this year Helen Constantine organised and coordinated with associates another event Gala SW6 2008 for her community.

Helen has written and composed a number of songs. She is also a very good lyricist.

                                           Helen's first recital in London

                                                      South Bank 1984