My True Thoughts

An Easter Thought


An Easter Thought


Helen Constantine

 Judas like Lucifer, sat to the right of

The father, son and Holy Ghost

   It then came to pass that, the enemy within

 Readily pulled the trigger of

A noxious smoking gun


Judas like Lucifer; rose from the core of a chosen few

Yet their trail of deception

 brought death and destruction

 To those who knew too well

 their hearts were bitterly untrue


Lucifer bearer of light; now, prince of darkness 

 Roves, in constant flight, on blistering blazing waves

Through realms of infinite grief, and wailing madness


Judas sold his soul, and the life of a pious prophet

For nothing more than, the worthless gain

He hid, in a pocket


So to the resurrection we aspire

For the glorious renaissance we desire


So to the cross we turn

In search of the peace, we require


So at the cross, we kneel in prayer,

For blessings that may inspire

Lofty thoughts, in worthy hearts

To soar, on parallel paths 


© Copyright Secured by Helen Constantine 2009







EASTER 2010 - 2011


Pontius Pilate stood, solemnly between

Yahoshua, son of God, Lord of Salvation

And Barabbas, son of Abbas

Son of man, son of the father!


Troubled by his wife's ominous dreams

In doubt and fear

 Pilate ascended the Bema,

The seat of judgment

 Pretending he could not hear 

The deafening crowd

Lead by, the High Priests

Gathered close-by, at his feet


Pilate washed his hands, declaring

His innocence in the condemnation

He knew, was ominously at hand

Of an innocent man

Then in a final effort to save the saviour

Pilate ordered Yahoshua whipping

Hoping the cruel dishonour

Would satisfy the mobs hunger

This too, ended in failure


Still they called for his death

In the name of God of all Gods

The house and laws of David and Moses


Pilate in his wisdom saw Jesus

As the pious prophet and sacrificial lamb

Barabbas as the worthless criminal

Still Pilate could not plea

With or for an ordained man

So the deed was done


Strapped to his back

Making his fated final track

Yahoshua carried his cross to Golgotha

Through anguish, jeers and brutality

To his crucifixion, in the certainty

Of knowing, the kingdom of God

Was finally at hand


Judas did his job by devising

His master's studied plan

So was he right in doing such wrong?

Was he weak or was he, really strong

Still the truth and key lives, impeccably on?


Copyright by Helen Constantine April 2010